Face Fillers

Juvederm XC $600 per vial

Juvederm Ultra Plus $650 per vial

Juvederm Voluma $850 per vial

Juvederm features and restore natural curved facial contours with a non-surgical face lift. A combination of dermal fillers offer instant results. One of our popular facial treatments.



$14 per unit

Cosmetic injections treat and prevent:

  • forehead wrinkles

  • crows feet

  • marionette lines (wrinkles around the mouth)

  • under-eye bags

Botox cost is affordable and takes effect in 4 – 7 days.




Dysport treats and prevents face wrinkles:

  • frown lines / eyebrow wrinkles

  • crow’s feet

  • nasal squint lines

  • eyebrow lifts

Dysport takes effect in 2 – 3 days and is more affordable than Botox® or Xeomin®.




Xeomin ® Cosmetic injections treat:

  • forehead lines

  • frown lines/eyebrow wrinkles

  • crow’s feet

  • nasal squint wrinkles

Xeomin takes effect in 3 – 4 days and is priced similarly to Botox®.


If you can’t have a traditional chemical-based spa facial (are pregnant or nursing), or have excess peach fuzz, dermaplaning offers deep exfoliation for healthy looking skin.






Fat Transfer


Fat transfer results in natural, long lasting facial rejuvenation, hand restoration, or breast or buttocks enhancement. Remove unwanted fat and put it where you want it!

Restore volume in your cheeks, jawline, lips or elsewhere for a radiant appearance or facial correction.




Remove unwanted hair at the root. Most parts of the body can be waxed quickly; most results last 4 – 6 weeks.

Have gorgeous skin and feel fabulous with a body wax treatment from Sophy’s wax specialist.